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over 5 years ago

George H. W. Bush's Obituary Mistakenly Published In Cruel German Magazine! (Perez Hilton)


Our European pals were so intently preparing to say auf Wiedersehen to the recently ill George H. W. Bush that they mistakenly printed his obituary!

A respected weekly German magazine, Der Spiegel, broadcasted the former president's death just hours after a Houston area hospital discharged the 88-year-old from intensive care because his health was improving.

Wow! How does a mistake like that make it to print?!

Even worse, the mag called Georgie a "colorless politician" who only seemed like a passable president when compared to his son!

Whoa! We aren't sure why the magazine got its lederhosen in a knot, but insulting the dead is TACKY!

And when they're still alive and kicking... that's just weird!

[Image via Carrie Devorah/WENN.]