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over 5 years ago

Aaaaand Here We Go Again (Dlisted)

During her last pregnancy, Jessica Simpson broke every copy of Elle's Photoshop when she posed nekkid ass nekkid and talked non-stop about how she couldn't get enough of Eric Johnson sticking his gold digging peen up into her amniotic fluid ocean. And now we're doing it all over again. Chestica tweeted this picture of her making third degree duckface while showing off the skin globe where her second baby is growing. Since Jessica and Eric are horniest when she's knocked up, I don't even want to think of the things they're doing with her deep ass belly button. Let's not go to that place. It's way too late in the year for that shit.

And judging by her last pregnancy, I'm guessing she's about 10 days knocked up here. Only 545 days to go!

via UsWeekly