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over 5 years ago

Afternoon Crumbs (Dlisted)

Victoria Silvstedt is not only a gold digging goddess of pristine elegance, but she's a connoisseur of fine literature too - Hollywood Tuna 

Sydney is now fresh out of blonde models, because Leonardo DiCatchAHo ordered all of them for the yacht party he threw with Jonah Hill - Lainey Gossip

The 2012 In 4 Minutes video made my eyes have a seizure and now sketti sauce is leaking from my sockets - Towleroad

Rita Whora is in Dubai, celebrating the fact that she's no longer riding Rob Kardashian's whack dick and therefore doesn't have to listen to Kim Kardashian constantly barf at the mouth about her Kimye fetus - Drunken Stepfather

Megan Fox isn't working out her body yet, but she's seriously working out her mouth by running it every time someone sticks a recording device in front of her - ICYDK

You won't see ScarJo with beyond massive pregnant chichis anytime soon - Celebitchy

I think I'd rather see Papa Joe Simpson in that same bikini - Popoholic

Jill Martin is in a bikini if that's what you need to see today - IDLYITW

There's other fish in the sea and Poseidon's son will fuck them all now that he's single - Just Jared

That hair and those acid wash jeans tell me that Tacky Pataky needs less Miley in her life - Popsugar

Trace Cyrus figures that if The Hoff can become the toast of Germany, so can he and he's starting by entertaining the masses in the subway - OMG Blog

Even Lady CaCa knows that her crazed Little Monsters need massive amounts of therapy - I'm Not Obsessed

When Xtina stole Raven's wig and smuggled a fully stocked booze and baked potato bar into the AMAs  - The Superficial 

This is like Richard Gere's version of Playboy - Cityrag

Why oh why didn't those glasses malfunction and combust when they had the chance? - Hollywood Rag