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over 5 years ago

Lindsay Lohan Won't Let A Little Tag Like "Groupie" Stop Her From Stalking The Wanted (Dlisted)

We all know that Lindsay Lohan has no shame, no pride, and not one fuck to give (LIES!!! - Lindsay's johns). We were all wondering why her broke ass stowed away on a plane to London as Jay Harvey reported yesterday (no we weren't, but just go with it). So it's no surprise that even after Max George from the Wanted called her a groupie, and even though she said her ass was staying home and baking cookies for New Year's Eve, Crushable says they can guess why: to continue following the band around like a mangy kitchen ass fur wearing puppy dog. LiLo, the Unwanted. No, I'm sure she's in London to entertain the royals at their request. HAHAAHAHA I crack myself up.

So much for impressing the judge in her probation violation case or club slap down case or whichever charge she's facing this time by NOT partying like a rock star. Well, I guess the Wanted aren't real rock stars, so it doesn't count. She's just partying like a blip on the music screen, so it's okay. Plus, she consulted her Magic 8 Ball, asked it if Max really loved her, and it responded "HELL NO" so she took that as a maybe. Then she smoked it.

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