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over 5 years ago

Jenelle Evans Splits From Husband 26 Days After Marriage (HollywoodLife)

‘Teen Mom 2′s’ Jenelle Evans has called it quits with husband Courtland Rogers this past Sunday, Dec. 30. Since then, the reality star has been tweeting about her failed marriage. Read on for more details.

Looks like newlywed Jenelle Evans will not be bringing in the new year with her husband Courtland Rogers. After exchanging wedding vows on Dec.4, Courtland tweeted about the break-up on Twitter, saying, “So I just got broke up with because of talkin to my lil girl on the phone last night, finally getting to (hear) her tell me she loves dada! Wow.”

Apparently, Jenelle was furious with Courtland for spending too much time on the phone talking to his ex — Courtland swears he was talking to his young daughter.

Jenelle tweeted, “First of all why is yr daughter up at 11pm anyways when u were ‘talking’ to her on the phone?! Haha right.”

Courtland later tweeted, “Jenelle said she was gonna make up charges saying I beat her, and i never did, so that just made me say f**k jenelle for good.”

The tweets haven’t stopped there. Now, Courtland is asking Jenelle to come back to him, tweeting, “I always loved u!! I got ur name tatted on my heart for gods sake we can talk this out ya know !! Damn jenelle.” This was followed by a rather angry tweet saying, “come home to ur husband !! Quit f**king making this look like my fault let me love u jenelle like I always have and more”. Yikes!

Jenelle responded with several tweets, including this line from Pink song,”Why do we fall in love so easy even when it’s not right?” Her last tweet as of now, Dec. 31 says,”Deactivating twitter. Bye.”

For some reason, I don’t think this is the end of their relationship. Hopefully, both parents will put all the drama aside for the sake of their kids. Happy New Year,Jenelle. Please take good care of yourself and Jace.

Do you think Jenelle should divorce Courtland? What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers – would Jenelle and her son be better off without all the drama, or is she the cause of it?