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You'll Never Guess Which Celebrity Is Beneath This Elaborate Jim Carrey Costume (PopSugar)

Halloween 2016 / Dallas, TX

A photo posted by @adele on Nov 1, 2016 at 4:03pm PDT

Adele "Master of Disguise" Adkins is officially a Halloween pro. The "Send My Love (to Your New Lover)" singer got pumped up for her Dallas concert at American Airlines Center on Tuesday by dressing up as Jim Carrey's character in the 1994 classic comedy The Mask, and it's definitely one of the best celebrity costumes of 2016. Adele shared photos of her insane transformation on Instagram, which show her looking totally unrecognizable while sporting Stanley Ipkiss's zoot suit, face paint, and elaborate facial prosthetics to nail the character's signature cleft chin.

Of course, her attempt didn't go unnoticed. On Wednesday, Jim tweeted a photo of himself dressed up as one of her roadies, writing, "Hi @Adele. It's Jim from the other side. Weird coincidence, I dressed up as one of your roadies for Halloween. I absolutely love you. ;^*"

This isn't the first time Adele has gone incognito with a costume, either. In May 2015, she celebrated her birthday by dressing up as George Michael, and earlier this year she brilliantly disguised herself as a woman named "Jenny" and auditioned to be an Adele impersonator. Can you imagine if she and her BFF/fellow Halloween enthusiast Beyoncé came up with a costume together? We'd never recover.

Halloween 2016 / Dallas, TX

A photo posted by @adele on Nov 1, 2016 at 4:02pm PDT

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