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Afternoon Crumbs (Dlisted)

That shuffling sound Jackie Collins heard coming from her closet in the middle of the night was just Mimi stealing her red leopard trench coat - Lainey Gossip

We should all be afraid and scared for the future, because the earth is swallowing up America's greatest treasure: Florida - Towleroad

Are Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens making meth? - Drunken Stepfather

In other words: Michelle Williams just couldn't handle the puppets staring at her during sex - Celebitchy

Since they're putting every damn Spider-Man villain in the next movie, I look forward to seeing Raven from Drag Race as Coldheart - The Superficial 

Christie Brinkley shows those young hos how a staged photo-op is really done - Hollywood Tuna 

90210 better end with Brenda Walsh blowing all of these bitches up in the Peach Pit - ICYDK

Juna from The Comeback's case of the babies has reached stage 4 - Popoholic

Something to make your heart gush out a stream of awwwws: animals and their mini-mes - OMG Blog

The producers of Splash are really, really trying to make Katherine Webb happen in a "I took a second mortgage out on my house to make Katherine Webb happen" sort of way - IDLYITW

Happy Panty Creamer Friday! - The Berry 


These pictures would've been so gorgeous and glamorous if they asked Fuggie Fug to take several hundred steps to her right - Just Jared

Lohanthony the Harlem Shake = FOR WHY!!!!?! - Queerty

The NOH8 campaign is so weird sometimes - Buzzfeed

But why is Shakira holding the clippings from Khloe Kardashian's last crotch brush pruning? - Popsugar

No, Bobby B, Giggy Vanderpump does not need you to pop his doody bubble - Crunk Disorderly

The decor of Kanye West's house matches his maturity level - Cityrag

In case you need words of wisdom about your marriage and family from Ghouliana Rancic - I'm Not Obsessed

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