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Just Like Mom! Jane Krakowski Says Her Son Bennett Is a ‘Fun, Dramatic Child’ (Celebrity Babies)

Jane Krakowski is a comedy queen, but there’s one special person who sends her into fits of laughter: Her son Bennett Robert.

“I came home from rehearsal [the other day] and he ran to the door yelling ‘Mommy!’ and then pretended to faint and fall on the floor,” Krakowski, 47, told PEOPLE at the season 2 world premiere of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in New York Wednesday night.

“I love coming home and seeing his joy running to the door,” she says. “He’s a real ham — a fun, dramatic child!”

Those traits are ones he most certainly gets from his mama, who is currently starring in the Broadway revival of She Loves Me while juggling shooting for Kimmy and motherhood. “I’m in rehearsal six days a week [and have] eight performances a week,” she says.

Jane Krakowski Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Premiere
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But recently, Krakowski was able to combine the best of both worlds when Bennett paid her a visit at the Roundabout Theatre where she’s performing. “He came to see me in the Broadway show,” she says. “He sat through the whole thing — it’s a long show!”

Her only worry was that he’d disrupt the theatre. “I just said, ‘Please don’t yell [for] Mommy! You have to stay quiet,’ ” she explains.

And Bennett did just that while still offering the actress some encouragement. “Apparently during my numbers he was giving me signals — if he liked it, [he gave a thumbs up] and when a man treated me badly, he did a thumbs down. He’s very sweet!”

On top of her incredibly busy schedule, Krakowski has a party to plan.

“I’m planning his [fifth] birthday party,” she says, “It’s Star Wars Jedi training-themed. It’s a really fun age because you can chat with them and he’s got his own opinions and ideas. I’m so in love.”

— Kristen Caires

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