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Paris Hilton Potentially Knew About the Plane Crash Prank, Got Paid for It: Report (US Magazine)

Prank-turned-payday? According to TMZ, Paris Hilton is a very good actress. The site claims that the heiress, 34, knew about the recent plane crash prank video that has been circulating for the past week. 

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TMZ says it has a contract from the Egyptian production company, which offered different celebrities the chance to be involved. The site says the document reads, “We will act as if something is going wrong and ask all passengers to jump off the plane!!! Of course everyone will panic, we'll be having skydivers in disguise with us on board. We will monitor the funny reactions from our celebrity guest when they fear jumping off the plane."

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TMZ notes that Hilton was offered a huge payday for the prank, somewhere in the million dollar range. 

The video from an Egyptian TV show featured Hilton aboard a small plane that begins to dip and nose dive. The seemingly terrified TV personality screamed in horror as a person aboard the plane grabbed a passenger and jumped out the side of the aircraft. 

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She can be heard shouting, “I don’t wanna jump! I’m not jumping!”

When TMZ cameramen questioned Hilton about the prank in a recent video, she said, “It was terrifying. I’ve never been in a plane that was about to go down so it was very scary. I think they went a little too far with their prank.”

TMZ had previously reported that Hilton intended to sue over the video. 

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