Lindsay Lohan

  • Birth Name: Lindsay Dee Lohan
  • Hometown: New York, New York
  • Birthdate: July 2, 1986
  • Astrological Signs: Cancer (Sun) / Taurus (Moon)
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About Lindsay:

One hot mess with a record breaking 3 trips to rehab in 2007 alone. Is a natural red head but often dyes hair blonde or brunette. Her mom was a Rockette and now is just a gold digger. Her dad is a felonious addict gone good with god. Lindsay doesn't believe in wearing underwear.


over 2 years ago

Lindsay Lohan Has Picked Up A Bizarre New Accent! (x17 Online)

Anytime someone starts doing things like this, we worry about their sanity. Lindsay Lohan has picked up a new accent while living abroad, but we - and a lot of other...

over 2 years ago

Lindsay Lohan debuts, explains new accent (CBS celebrity news)

Lindsay Lohan might be from Long Island, but you wouldn’t guess it from her new accent

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