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Afternoon Crumbs (Dlisted)

J.J. Abrams is directing the next Star Wars movie. In other words, JJ ABRAMS IS DIRECTING ALL THE NERD MOVIES FROM NOW ON! - Coming Soon

Adele's chola nameplate necklace gave away her baby's name - Lainey Gossip

Meanwhile, Oscars producers have hired a SWAT team, officers with taser guns and grandmas with garden hoses, because if Anne Hathaway doesn't win, she's going to storm the stage something crazy - Celebitchy

What a waste of delicious guacamole - The Superficial 

"How many French footballer dicks does a trick have to suck to get her own couture collection?!" Zahia Dehar - Hollywood Tuna 

Even if Justin Timberlake got undressed in this lyric video, it wouldn't make the song sound any better to my ears - Drunken Stepfather

I've got my grass tuxedo and lei cock ring ready just in case Hawaii legalizes same-sex marriage (wink wink, Anderson) - Towleroad

Panty Creamer of the Day: Rodrigo Calazans - The Berry 

The DanRad gay hipster sex scene you've been waiting for is finally coming - IDLYITW

Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied are twirling and leaping their way to Paris. And yes, a double will do Natalie's twirling and leaping for her - ICYDK

Why wouldn't I be surprised if Ashley Jizzdale was the biggest "star" at that Movie 43 premiere - Popoholic

Steve Carell got hot - Buzzfeed

Claire Danes puts on a ohsoseriousface to defend her cryface - Videogum

Never mind the fact that Chris Hemsworth has hair like a lunch lady, THOSE ARMS - Popsugar

When a picture tells the joke so you don't have to - Crunk Disorderly

What Angelina Jolie is going to wear to her wedding - Jezebel

Another Buble baby is coming - I'm Not Obsessed

What in the Faces of Meth hell? - Just Jared

Chris Kattan shows us that any time is the right time to work on your gag reflex - SOW

Nip covers are SO NOW! Just ask Nicole ScherMINGEr - Celebslam

Kat Von D's taste in shoes are about as shitty as her taste in dudes - Moe Jackson  

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These New Photos of Kevin Jonas's Baby Girl Will Make You Say, "Aww!" (PopSugar)

Kevin Jonas and his wife became parents of two when Danielle gave birth to their daughter, Valentina Angelina, on Oct. 27, and fortunately for us, the family has already given us a handful of pr...

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Angelina Jolie Intensifies Custody Battle Against Brad Pitt: Hires 2 More Strong Lawyers (HollywoodLife)

Things just keep getting rougher and rougher in the divorce between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, not to mention their custody battle, which apparently hasn’t even begun to heat up.

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'Hollywood Hillbillies' Star -- I'm Transgender (VIDEO PHOTO) (TMZ)

Michael Kittrell was known as 'Angry Ginger' on "Hollywood Hillbillies," but is now going by the name Claire and says she's transitioning. Kittrell says she's been undergoing hormone therapy for...

over 2 years ago

YouTube Star Known for Viral 'Gingers Have Souls' Video Announces Gender Transition (People Magazine)

Claire Kittrell, formerly known as Michael, announced her transition in a YouTube video.

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'Mariah's World' lives down to expectations on E! (CNN Celebrity News)

To say that "Mariah's World" is a predictable train wreck serves more as promotion than criticism. Yet even by the standards of reality docu-series, this E! showcase for pop diva Mariah Carey is...

over 2 years ago

Selena Gomez is 2016's most popular Instagram celebrity (CNN Celebrity News)

A Pope and a pop star ruled Instagram this year, but they weren't the only popular figures on the social media platform. Olympic icons, caffeinated hastags, Oscar-winning actors an...

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