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Afternoon Crumbs (Dlisted)

Quiz time! Beyonce's back-up dancers or North Korean female soldiers? - Drunken Stepfather

It's kind of weird seeing Lena Dunham with a top  - Lainey Gossip 

Matt Damon is giving us some "if Mr. Clean went to prison" shit - Towleroad

Teen Mom Farrah is trying to extend her 15 seconds of fame the Heidi Montag way - Hollywood Tuna 

You won't be seeing ASkars in a loincloth anytime soon - Hollywood Tuna 

Somebody saying "Lindsay Lohan was late!" is like somebody saying "Michael K is a dumb bitch!" It happens often and it's usually true  - The Superficial 

Point Break is getting a remake, because modern day Hollywood needs to constantly let us know that they hate us - ICYDK

Okay, but ANNE HATHAWAY?!!? - Jezebel

That morning Katy Perry thought to herself, "I really want to look like a giant booger today!" - Popoholic

January Jones looks different... - Just Jared

FYI: RiRi is still making wonderful life decisions - IDLYITW

What Brandi Glanville looks like right before the plastic surgeon lays down a thick layer of melted Tupperware bowls and wax on her face - HuffPo

Proof that glitter shoots out of Mimi's pores - Boy Culture  

Something something Richard Gere joke something something - Videogum

Justin Bieber needs to stop with the selfies already - The Berry 

Kristen Stewart collects pens and that might be the most interesting thing about Kristen Stewart - I'm Not Obsessed

I can't wait until OctoMom recreates this look for InTouch - Popsugar

The musty glamour of this video has got me wanting to take an ice cold shower with the air conditioning all the way on - Crunk Disorderly

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Heidi Montag [show details]



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Heidi Montag Discusses the ‘Hardship and Prayers’ Behind Getting Pregnant (Celebrity Babies)

Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic Heidi Montag is “hopeful” about the possibility of getting pregnant within the next year. The Hills alum, who wed husband Spencer Pratt in April 2009, reveal...

over 2 years ago

What Happened to These Famous Friendships? (PopSugar)

...and Heidi Montag on The Hills? Katy Perry and Rihanna's rift was allegedly over Chris Brown, and Gwyneth Paltrow and Winona Ryder reportedly parted ways over a movie script. Keep reading to see 1...

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Lindsay Lohan [show details]



over 2 years ago

Lindsay Lohan Has Picked Up A Bizarre New Accent! (x17 Online)

Anytime someone starts doing things like this, we worry about their sanity. Lindsay Lohan has picked up a new accent while living abroad, but we - and a lot of other...

over 2 years ago

Lindsay Lohan debuts, explains new accent (CBS celebrity news)

Lindsay Lohan might be from Long Island, but you wouldn’t guess it from her new accent

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over 2 years ago

CMA Awards 2016: The winners (CNN Celebrity News)

Beyonce brought down the house at the 50th Annual Country Music Association Awards Wednesday night.

over 2 years ago

Matthew McConaughey Epically Dances To Beyonce & Dixie Chicks’ CMAs Performance (HollywoodLife)

Beyonce and the Dixie Chicks were the biggest performance of the night at the 2016 Country Music Association Awards.

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