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Lebron James

over 3 years ago

LeBron James speaks out against gun violence (CBS celebrity news)

"There's no more room for guns," said the NBA star ...

over 3 years ago

Drake Responds to Meek Mill's Latest Diss During Kickball Game With LeBron James—Watch the Shade Unfold! (E Online Top Stories)

And the shade just keeps getting thrown! We thought Drake was spending his Friday afternoon at a casual kickball game with none other than LeBron ...

over 3 years ago

LeBron James -- Yoga Master ... Says College BBall Star (TMZ)

Add Yoga to the list of things Lebron James does better than everyone else ... that's according to a big time college basketball star who tells TMZ Sports LBJ is the king ... of the downw...

over 3 years ago

LeBron James 'a weirdly good actor'? (CNN Celebrity News)

Judd Apatow joins "CNN Tonight" to discuss "Trainwreck," the performance of Amy Schumer, LeBron James' acting chops, and political correctness in comedy ...

over 3 years ago

Lebron James -- All Hail The Spelling King ... Sends Swag To Spelling Bee Champ (TMZ)

Game respects game ... at least when it comes to LeBron James ... who was so impressed with the kid who won the 2015 Scripps National Spelling Bee -- that he just sent him a whole bunch of aweso...

over 3 years ago

Martellus Bennett -- I Coulda Dominated The NBA (TMZ)

LeBron James and Blake Griffin should consider themselves lucky ... 'cause Bears TE Martellus Bennett tells TMZ Sports he could be PUNISHING the NBA if he'd chosen the roundball life.Bennett was...

over 3 years ago

"Selma" sparks controversy over LBJ's civil rights role (CBS celebrity news)

Many say the film unfairly portrays the former president as an impediment to the civil rights movement ...

over 3 years ago

"Selma" sparks controversy over LBJ depiction (CBS celebrity news)

The movie "Selma" looks at the civil rights movement and the work of Martin Luther King Jr. It's generating Oscar buzz as it heads towards nationwide release next week, but some believe the film slight...

over 4 years ago

LeBron James Is Selling His Waterfront Florida Estate for $17 Million (PHOTOS) (People Magazine)

The NBA star puts his home on the market as he moves to Cleveland