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Megan Fox

over 5 years ago

Shia LaBeouf tweets backstage drama with Alec Baldwin (CBS celebrity news)

After quitting Broadway show, the "Transformers" star has gone public with a series of tense emails with the "30 Rock" actor ...

over 5 years ago

Shia LaBeouf pulls out of Broadway debut (CBS celebrity news)

Theater producers say the "Transformers" star will be leaving the play "Orphans" due to "creative differences" ...

over 5 years ago

Victoria's Secret Supermodels -- Don't Screw This Up, Michael Bay! (TMZ)

Michael Bay is directing Candice Swanepoel and Alessandra Ambrosio in a new Victoria's Secret commercial, which we hope inspires him -- to quit making "Transformers" movies! C'mon, dude ... Opti...

over 5 years ago

Megan Fox says she no longer emulates Marilyn Monroe (CBS celebrity news)

"Transformers" actress' interview with Esquire magazine also touches on fame, Lindsay Lohan and going to church ...