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Kate Gosselin

over 3 years ago

Landlord: Jon Gosselin Abandoned a Kitten in Dirty House After Eviction (The Defamer)

...ght Jon Gosselin's downward spiral is still going. Today, his old landlord Linda Eways tells Star that after he got evicted for missing rent payments, Gosselin left a poor, tiny kitten in his ...

over 4 years ago

Taut Gosselin Update Cements Kate's Status as World's Most Devious Mom (The Defamer)

In the wake of an exuberant Today appearance , Kate Gosselin plus eight Gosselins are careening back to television next month, for a two-hour TLC special that answers the question: what woul...

over 5 years ago

Would You Hit It? (Dlisted)

If you have a vagina, it's probably so squeaky clean that you can serve brunch off of it, because you're in the presence of mega douchebag: CRISS ANGEL! With his nipples out, a Bump-It in his hair (tha...

over 5 years ago

Michelle Williams's Funky New Do: Super-Cute or Too Kate Gosselin? (People Magazine)

The star grows out her famous pixie cut with a punk-like look

over 5 years ago

Birthday Sluts (Dlisted)

Duchess of Alba (87) Lady Gaga (27) Julia Stiles (32) Kate Gosselin (38) Shanna Moakler (38) Richard Kelly (38) Mr. Cheeks (42) Vince Vaughn (43) Brett Ratner (44) Cheryl "Salt" James (47) Reba McEntir...

over 5 years ago

Wife Swap: Kate Gosselin Says Kendra Wilkinson Doesn’t Care About Her Family (HollywoodLife)

On the season premiere of ‘Celebrity Wife Swap,’ Kate is overwhelmed with how much free time (and girls nights out) Kendra has, while Kendra nearly loses one of Kate’s kids on a surpr...

over 5 years ago

Britney Spears -- The Grocery List Tells Me What to Do (TMZ)

Rockin' her best Kate Gosselin soccer mom chic, Britney Spears didn't need a conservator when she hit up a Los Angeles supermarket this weekend ... because she had a grocery list to help her remember w...

over 5 years ago

Night Crumbs (Dlisted)

Either Casper Smart made a poopy in his Pampers or he's really embarrassed by JLo's space disco alligator dress - Lainey Gossip  The "Why are you even here?" side-eye from the silver fox on the ri...

over 5 years ago

Lindsay Lohan Can't Read (Dlisted)

...and Jon Gosselin, and broke up with Shawn Holley. Finally, one of LiLo's stupid decisions worked in Shawn's favorite. Bitch is FREEEEEEE! Or is she? LiLo is in trouble in L.A. for lying to t...

over 5 years ago

Jon Gosselin reportedly owes $39K in taxes (CBS celebrity news)

The former reality TV star owes the IRS money from 2009, the same year he split from his wife Kate ...