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Jon Gosselin

over 4 years ago

Taut Gosselin Update Cements Kate's Status as World's Most Devious Mom (The Defamer)

In the wake of an exuberant Today appearance , Kate Gosselin plus eight Gosselins are careening back to television next month, for a two-hour TLC special that answers the question: wh...

over 5 years ago

Kate Gosselin's Twitpic Controversy & 9 More Celebs Who've Found Trouble on Twitter (E Online Top Stories)

..." />Kate Gosselin is hardly the first to get into it. Though, at this point, with all those who came before, she may just be especially unlucky. We're talking about Twitter trouble, of... ...

over 5 years ago

Kate Gosselin’s Controversial Twitter Photo: Is She Mocking Asians? (HollywoodLife), Kate Gosselin, appears to be making a racist gesture in a newly released photo. Kate Gosselin Racist? — Is Mom Of 8 Mocking Asians In Twitter Pic? On June 23, a picture emerged,...

over 5 years ago

Would You Hit It? (Dlisted)

...hat Kate Gosselin circa 2007 hair and all that foundation smeared on his face, Criss Angel looks like somebody's aunt, but he doesn't look like my aunt, so I'd hit it. Typing that makes me want t...

over 5 years ago

Michelle Williams's Funky New Do: Super-Cute or Too Kate Gosselin? (People Magazine)

The star grows out her famous pixie cut with a punk-like look

over 5 years ago

Birthday Sluts (Dlisted)

Duchess of Alba (87) Lady Gaga (27) Julia Stiles (32) Kate Gosselin (38) Shanna Moakler (38) Richard Kelly (38) Mr. Cheeks (42) Vince Vaughn (43) Brett Ratner (44) Cheryl "Salt" James (47) Reba ...

over 5 years ago

Wife Swap: Kate Gosselin Says Kendra Wilkinson Doesn’t Care About Her Family (HollywoodLife)

...and Kate Gosselin seemingly have a lot in common — they were both featured on their own reality shows, and each competed on separate seasons of Dancing with the Stars – but when it co...

over 5 years ago

Britney Spears -- The Grocery List Tells Me What to Do (TMZ)

Rockin' her best Kate Gosselin soccer mom chic, Britney Spears didn't need a conservator when she hit up a Los Angeles supermarket this weekend ... because she had a grocery list to help her rem...

over 5 years ago

Night Crumbs (Dlisted) Kate Gosselin's child army screaming, "Take us with you," while clinging to Kendra's legs as she gets in the car to go back home - The Superficial  If the condom delivery man added lube,...

over 5 years ago

Jon Gosselin reportedly owes $39K in taxes (CBS celebrity news)

The former reality TV star owes the IRS money from 2009, the same year he split from his wife Kate ...