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Charlie Sheen

over 2 years ago

Martin Sheen's 'O.J. Is Innocent' series to re-examine case (CNN Celebrity News)

Fans of FX's show "American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson" can thank a former "president" for a new addition to what is becoming a catalog of content based on the now-iconic case....

over 5 years ago

Andrew Strolls Arm in Arm With Emma During a Spider-Man Break (PopSugar)

...and Martin Sheen. View Slideshow ›...

over 5 years ago

Video: Zac Efron and Charlie Sheen Are Friends! Daniela Bobadilla Talks Anger Management (PopSugar)

...ith Martin Sheen and Lindsay Lohan. Daniela also shared a story about Zac Efron coming to visit his friend Charlie Sheen on set!...