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Tom Cruise

over 5 years ago

Tom Cruise Was Surprised When His Contract With Katie Holmes Expired (Dlisted)

Getting divorce papers from Katie Holmes nearly knocked the dick out of Tommy Girl's mouth and he said that he didn't see it coming. (The divorce papers, not the dick. He ALWAYS sees the dick coming.) ...

over 5 years ago

Tom Cruise on split from Katie Holmes: "I didn't expect it" (CBS celebrity news)

The 50-year-old movie star opens up about his reactions to his divorce and his view on life as a result ...

over 5 years ago

Tom Cruise's Precious Ass Cheeks Must Stay Warm At All Times (Dlisted)

Thanks to Helen for sending in this picture of the delicate and fragile Scientology blossom Tommy Girl keeping his thetans warm and toasty at the premiere of Oblivion in Dublin on Wednesday. Whi...

over 5 years ago

Manly Tension Is The Reason Why Shia LaBeouf Fought With Alec Baldwin (Dlisted)

...ts. Tom Cruise knows what I'm talking about, because it's how he handles all disputes with other men....

over 5 years ago

Afternoon Crumbs (Dlisted)

Jesus resurrected himself just so the stunning German oyster jewel that is Micaela Schaefer could pose  almost-naked in public with a traumatized bunny rabbit. Happy Yeaster (typo and it's not goi...