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over 3 years ago

Imagine If Tom Cruise Weighed 300 Pounds (The Defamer)

Imagine If Tom Cruise Weighed 300 Pounds

OT-VII Tom Cruise is small and lean. But what if Tom Cruise were small and so thick that it's crazy? Tom Cruise reportedly intends to answer that question in preparation for an upcoming role.


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over 3 years ago

Leah Remini vs. Scientology: A Timeline of the Fallout From the Actress' Break With the Church (E Online Top Stories)

There is no such thing as a famous former Scientologist penning a reminiscence of his or her experiences in the church and then...that's it. Rather, whoever opts to open up—be...

over 3 years ago

David Beckham Shares a Shirtless Selfie From His Birthday Celebration (PopSugar)

...ay, Tom Cruise, David Gardner, and Liv Tyler at a five-star resort in Marrakech, Morocco. Victoria shared a photo of the couple in front of their plane on Instagram with the caption, "So excited ...

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