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In Case You Need More Proof That Taylor Swift Hates Justin Bieber (Dlisted)

Taylor Swift displayed her hate for all things Justin Bieber when she did the international sign for "EWWW! Bieber cooties!" by sticking her tongue out while watching him kiss on Selena Gomez. Then later on while talking to the press, Taylor continued to display her hate for all things Justin Bieber when she shooed away a question about him. A reporter asked Taylor (at the 0:50 mark) what she thinks about Justin Bieber winning the Milestone Award at such a young age. Taylor kept herself from dry heaving and then asked for another question.

I didn't think I liked any side of Taylor Swift, but I do like this anti-Bieber side of her. Yes, the crazed Beliebers will soon break out of their playpens at the mental ward and tear Taylor's scarecrow body apart, but I hope she spits out a whole lot of Beiber hate before that happens.

You know, one of my friends (correction: one my EX-friends) said on IM today that it's obvious that Taylor is being mean to Justin, because she really wants to scissor with him on her pirate canopy bed. That makes sense since Taylor is forever an 8th grader on the inside and she's a big meanie to boys she likes. Then this same friend when way too far when he said that if Nick Jr. was ever going to remake Beverly Hills, 90210, Justin should play Dylan, Taylor should play Kelly Taylor and Selena should play Brenda Walsh. I have never blocked a bitch on IM so fast in my life. It's all fun and games until you compare Selena Gomez to Brenda Walsh. Besides, Justin's way more of an Emily Valentine than a Dylan McKay.

And somewhere in a music studio right now, Tom Cruise is working on an album of songs in hopes that he wins a Billboard Music Award next year, because those trophies look like alien dicks.

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