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Kim Kardashian: Why She’s Pushing Kanye West To Buy A New Mansion (HollywoodLife)

In the great words of Beyonce, bow down, Kanye! Kim Kardashian is on a mission and she wants to purchase a new mansion BEFORE the baby is born, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West went house hunting in Bel Air on May 6, checking out several mansions in the same neighborhood that Rupert Murdoch, Tom Cruise and Jennifer Aniston reside. Kim’s in a hurry, too — she’s “anxious” to put this home buying process behind her before their baby is born.

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian House Hunting

A source close to the couple tells exclusively, “Kim is pressuring Kanye to nail down something for certain here in town. Since she’s about to pop, she wants to know that once all the dust settles, she’ll be in a new place with Kanye. She’s just anxious. She’s got a lot to think about about and just wantsthis whole house s*** behind her.”

And don’t go jumping to conclusions, assuming that there may be trouble in paradise.

Our source adds, “Kanye’s cool. He’s down with copping a pad in L.A. He definitely wants to make sure Kim’s happy and close to her family so she can do her show and s***.”

The Type Of Home Kim & Kanye Are Looking For

The way “something that’s comfortable for the both of them. Something that they can raise a family in and one that they’re going to be in for a while. They’re not just going to hop on the first place they see, it’s gotta feel like home for both of them.”

While they certainly want to be comfortable, Kim’s June 5 due date is quickly approaching!

“I know Kim wants something soon, so over the next week or so they’re going to be looking pretty hard. Kanye wants to find something quick so she can scratch that off her list of things to worry about and just focus on their baby,” our source says.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Should Kim and Kanye buy a new mansion in Bel Air?

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– Reporting by Eric Ray

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