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Afternoon Crumbs (Dlisted)

Jesus resurrected himself just so the stunning German oyster jewel that is Micaela Schaefer could pose  almost-naked in public with a traumatized bunny rabbit. Happy Yeaster (typo and it's not going anywhere)! - Hollywood Tuna

St. Angie Jo temporarily replaced her huge tacky diamond engagement ring that said "I'M RICH, BITCH!" with a demure gold band that says "I am a serious Goodwill Ambassador" - Lainey Gossip 

Vanessa Hudgens' song for Spring Breakers murdered my ear drums - Drunken Stepfather

Will Smith only does roles that are as big as his overinflated ego - Celebitchy

On a positive note, at least Jim Carrey isn't stalking Emma Stone anymore - The Superficial 

Azealia Banks needs to shake out her mermaid weave, because it's full of delusions - Towleroad

That mannequin is way too manly to pass for Justin Bieber and he wishes he had shark fin arms - Jezebel

Here's the bloody, cut off ear that some batshit fan sent to Jared Leto. The Beliebers need to step up their crazy - Buzzfeed

James Franco on the Hathahaters and how he said no to Lindsay Lohan's freckled chocha - ICYDK

So basically Ashley Greene's neighbors tipped that candle onto the sofa with their minds - IDLYITW

Another day, another set of pictures of Kim Kartrashian looking the worst thing on a dim sum tray - Popoholic

Janice Dickinson or a SANS FARDS Pete Burns? - SOW

This is what Jonathan Taylor Thomas looks like today - Boy Culture 

Suri Cruise is officially taller than Tommy Girl even without heels on - Just Jared

The Photoshop Awards Hall of Fame - The Berry 

That haircut makes Tom Brady look like Leonardo DiCaprio's Gilbert Grape character all grown up - Popsugar

Lena Headey does Esquire - Hollywood Rag

BREAKING NEWS: The MTV Movie Awards don't mean shit - Videogum

Good news for the people of France, Halle Berry won't be terrorizing you full-time for a while - I'm Not Obsessed

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Lindsay Lohan debuts, explains new accent (CBS celebrity news)

Lindsay Lohan might be from Long Island, but you wouldn’t guess it from her new accent

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over 2 years ago

Halle Berry Looks Exhausted As She Jets Into LAX After Red-Eye Flight (x17 Online)

Halle Berry looked like she needed a bit more shut eye when she darted out of LAX early Monday morning after catching a red eye flight out of New York...

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Why Halle Berry Can't Stop Smiling: ''It Feels Good'' (E Online Top Stories)

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