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over 5 years ago

Apparently, Lil' Wayne Did This To His Face (Dlisted)

Lil' Wayne has the paper bag book cover of faces, because it's covered in stupid doodles and if you look closely, you'll see where I wrote, "Will you go around with me? Circle yes for yes and no for no," before passing his face to one of my first beards Ruby in 7th grade math class. (Yes, I actually wrote that. It was my Tom Cruise phase.) Lil' Wayne's face was already a gallery of jacked up tattoos, but he turned it all the way up by getting the word "BAKED" inked onto his forehead. Fuse says that Wayne didn't get the word "BAKED" tattooed on his head, because that's the state his brain is always in, he got it to pay tribute to the skateboard company Baker. Whoring his forehead out for a skateboard company is one way Lil' Wayne wants to go through life.

If Wayne's love for Baker ever stops, he can always says that his tattoo is a tribute to Scrabble or Lay's or the Waffle House font. But seriously, Lil' Wayne is a dumb ass bitch of a goblin for giving that much forehead real estate to a skateboard company. If he knew what was good for him, he would've tattooed the following on his forehead: "WARNING - If you plan on letting me stick it in, make me wear ten condoms, overdose on the morning after pill and stick a Tyvek diaphragm up your coochie beforehand. If you don't, you will give birth to a litter of goblins in 9 months and there's only so much child support to go around. You've been warned!" Lil' Wayne's got a lot of forehead, so that entire PSA would've fit.

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